Order Tapes and CDs!

If you would like to order a sermon, please note the following:

Cassette tapes of sermons preached before 2005 are in the possession of Elder Ed Kirkpatrick.  Please contact him at EKIRKPA894@aol.com for information.  Cassette tapes of sermons preached since January 2005 are available through this website.

Sermon CD's that are playable in a CD player can be made for each sermon in .WAV format--these semons fit one sermon per CD.

Sermon CDs are also available in Real Audio files or MP3 files for sermons 1999-2005.  In these formats, multiple sermons can fit onto one CD, and they can be played from your computer.

Send an e-mail to us at JSnyder973@aol.com and include the title(s) and quantity of the tapes/CDs that you would like and your postal mailing address.  Please be sure to specify the format that you prefer.  We will then return a message to confirm the availability of the sermons.

We request a donation of $2.00 per cassette tape and $3.00 per CD to help cover the cost of materials and shipping.  We will send you the mailing address, and checks should be made payable to Jonathan Snyder.

Tidewater Primitive Baptist Church does not make a profit from this effort.  It is a ministry of the church.  The charges are only intended to cover the costs of the producing the tapes and CDs, and extra funds received are used to support the website.

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